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Several programs are available to players to assist with the cost of participation. Parents can select from links below and should follow the appropriate instructions. Note that these programs are 'reimbursement' programs and not meant to substitute or delay participation fees. Please work with your coach if you require assistance with the application process.

Programs are offered by third-parties and are NOT affilicated with London TFC Academy. 


The Canadian Tire JUMPSTART program: 

Jumpstart is more than just about getting kids active. It’s about giving kids from families in financial need the same chance to participate as their neighbours, their classmates and their friends. Whether it’s the chance to try a new sport or to continue with a favourite one, no kid should be left out.  


The vision of Jumpstart is simple: Canada, where all kids have a chance to fulfill their dreams.


Jumpstart is a national charity with a commitment to local communities. Organized sports connect kids to their communities. Canadian Tire Corporation recognized this and makes sure that money raised stays where it is donated. Canadian Tire Corporation is Jumpstart’s biggest supporter as it funds all the general administrative expenses of Jumpstart, which means 100% of customer donations go directly to help kids in need.


Since 2014, the Athlete Scholarship Program, has provided to more than $583,000.00 in grants to deserving athletes & families in the effort to defray the cost of participating in the OPDL program.

Applications for Athlete Scholarship grants, ranging from $750-$1,500, are submitted by OPDL Licence Holders, on behalf of interested families within their OPDL program.

Funds are sent directly to OPDL Licence Holders, who then pass on the respective amount to the recipient family/families.


A grant is financial assistance given to an athlete between the ages of 6 and 17, for him or her to pay for registration fees and/or equipment. Grants range from $50 to $250 and may be applied towards the participation in any non-profit sanctioned sport activity. Kidsport funds are meant to complement, not replace, existing recreation or social services funding for participation in sport.

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